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Rivieras Leisure Shop Paris

posted 2017 Jul by

Rivieras Leisure Shop Paris

Rivieras is Resort Paris

Leisure 360°
In spring 2017, Rivieras expands a stone’s throw away from its first shop at rue de Turenne 127. The new space makes it possible to showcase all collections, opening up new perspectives. A series of accessories linked to travel, relaxation and a taste for high-end leisure will be on display alongside the iconic Montecristi style in raffia. A world inspired by each of these themes will regularly bring to life Rivieras’ first concept store, whose opening is timed to coincide with the launch of a new website.

Bold variations
With its three ventilation levels, the brand’s renowned Classic collection adapts according to each season. Around these essential styles, Rivieras has introduced new colors, fabrics and materials. Drawing the line between beach walk and city streets, the Vinyl Smoking loafer struts the red carpet while the cheeky and sharp Vinyl Rain Montante eagerly leaps into puddles and pools. Night owl or daygirl, in the sun or in the rain, each style has a place around the clock, always ready to evoke a gesture, look or attitude.

Chic stores with the feel of a yacht
After the launch of Rivieras’ first shop in the Haut Marais area of Paris, in 2014, flagships and pop-up stores followed in Jakarta, Seoul, Ibiza and Saint Barthélemy. Clean lines characterize the stores' modular design concept, with library-style walls that can be reconfigured with every new collection. The aesthetic of this environment -which depending on the situation can take the form of a Palm Spring pool house or that of an old yacht’s living room- has become Rivieras’ signature.

Rivieras Leisure Shop Paris 
125 rue de Turenne, 75003 Paris. 

Open from Tuesday to Sunday (11am – 7pm)
Phone number: +33950600096